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"Dedicated to the philosophy and education
of natural health care solutions." 

Mission Statement

 The Wellness Center at Spine In Motion!

Serving the valley since 1995!

Spine In Motion is an wellness center integrating:

Chiropractic Techniques
Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition
Spinal Traction & Decompression

Soft-tissue Rehabilitation & Therapeutic Massage
Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamins & Medical Foods

Cinic Director 

                                 Dr. Robert Xanthos, D.C., C.C.N., C.S.C.S.                                      Chiropractic Physician - Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist - Wellness Consultant

Providing an array of specialty lab testing to target nutrition deficiencies using
GMP & NSF approved supplements and medical foods.


                             Our physicians and nutritionists specialize in diagnosis                               and treatment of most injury and pain syndromes. 

      We provide affordable cash programs for those with limited insurance coverage. 

We work with most insurance PPO programs and
In Network Providers with
edicare -United Health and Cigna Health Care.


What To Expect On Your First Visit

The moment you walk into the office, you will experience a warm
and relaxing atmosphere and sincere smiles to greet you!

Health History Consultation  --Comprehensive Spinal Exam.
Biomechanical & Nutritional Assessment. 

                  Once we have completed your examination, the data will be processed and recorded                       for a complete complimentary report of testing and physicians recommendations.

Affordable Care with Care Credit
No-Interest Payment Plans for Comprensive Care with No Money Down!  
Our staff will review your insurance coverage and financing options, as we provide affordable no-interest financing with Care Credit for those with limited or no-insurance coverage.



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