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Welcome to BODYWORKS!

We provide a unique approach to muscle pain that will help your body work more efficiently

Our clients range from professional athletes to stay-at-home moms that suffer from nagging muscle aches and pains that do not seem to go away from conventional massage or over-the-counter medication.

Our Concept is Simple...
3 Steps to Pain Relief & Balance

Identify – Release – Restore 

Indentify ..the cause of muscle imbalance.

Release.....the shortened muscle with focus and corrective technique.

Restore.....range of function for the newly released muscle adhesions.

Soft-Tissue Rehabilitation - Deep Muscle Release
Our Soft-Tissue Rehabilitation program begins with an initial brief & exam of the area of pain, whether the neck and shoulder, the upper back, the lower-back and hip or the leg, knee and ankle region. 

Therapeutic sessions are provided weekly to achieve long term results and pain relief.
If necessary advanced soft-tissue techniques are prescribed that go beyond traditional deep muscle therapy. Combining gentle myofascial & deep neuromuscular therapy.

 New Clients  Call 602.955.1717 or click on Schedule Now.

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 Jennifer Kling, L.M.T.
  Licensed Massage Therapist

  Jennifer decided to begin a career in massage therapy after receiving her Bachelor of Science in Psychology,
  as she has always had a passion for helping others achieve better health and wellness. Specializing and trained                                             in Trigger Point therapy, lymphatic drainage, hot stone and pre-natal/medical massage.

  Jennifer has a unique ability to find the problem areas and release the muscle restrictions causing chronic
  ache and stiffness. Her advanced skills have proven to be invaluable to all clients visiting the Wellness Center.

 Jennifer is available Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays from 10Am-3PM by appointment only.



The Massage Club (Effective 10.1.2014)                                                                                                                  
30-min $35.00     Non Members - $55.00 
60-min $59.00  
Non Members - $75.00                                                          90-min $79.00   Non Members - $105.00                              
Just quality massage with REWARDS AND BENEFITS*  available
to those members that understand and untilize massage on a regular basis.

Members receive discounts on Massage Upgrades (50% discount) 
Nutritional services and products (10-20% discount)
                             Call 602.955.1717 for details on membership!

Ask about our new massage upgrades!
Including Hot Stone Therapy - Aromatherapy - Reflexology and more...

Package Discounts on Massage Therapeutics
Gift Certificates and Client Referral Rewards Program!

Call 602.955.1717 or 602.264.4040
to schedule your initial massage!

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