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 Clinical Nutrition for Healthy Aging

WHY Consult a Clinical Nutritionist?

The Clinical Nutritionist goes beyond general diet and food recommendations                                                                     by first scientifically evaluating your overall nutritional requirements for a more targeted treatment approach.

To also provide nutritional coaching and support for a more proactive lifestyle.

A Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist is trained through advanced research in nutrition biochemistry, laboratory analysis and speciality lab testing - all enabling them to scientifically evaluate key signs of nutritional deficiency.  

Often utilizing various

medical foods, herbal and whole food vitamins in the treatment of                                                   most chronic disorders and health conditions.

  • Stress, Blood Sugar & Weight Management 
  • Complete Dietary & Nutritional Analysis
  • Food Sensitivity & Heavy Metal Analysis                                        
  • Micro-Nutrient and Antioxidant Assessment
  • Hormone and Neurotransmitter Testing
  • Digestive Analysis

What to Expect On Your First Nutritional Consultation  
A comprehensive review lifestyle and diet that may contribute to current condition and health concerns. Telephone and Skype consulting are often provide for those our of the Phoenix area or unable to schedule an in-office consultation.

Contact our office and ask for information about how to receive our Initial Intake Form, Metabolic Questionaire and Dietary Diet Diary forms.

Call 602.264.4040 to schedule a brief courtesy consultation to see how you would benefit from dietary and lifestyle coaching.

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