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The Science Of Nutrition

Functional Nutrition & Clinical Nutrition Counceling 

Dietary & Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Speciality Lab Services 

         Scienced Based Nutrition & Whole Food Nutrition

                                 Functional Medicine 
                        Integrating the benefits of specialty lab testing, functional blood & dietary analysis!

** We provide a complete line of high quality nutritional products ranging from foundational multi-vitamins/minerals 
to medical foods for the treatment of common ailments. All products are endorsed by independent labs for their quality and safety.

** Our recommendations are based on your individual needs following a health appraisal & nutritional analysis,                                           including any specialty lab testing required. 

** The Wellness Center at Spine In Motion takes the guess work out of integrating nutrition.

** Our physicians help you make the right choices for the nutrients that your body needs. 

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                 or In-Office Nutritional Consultation
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